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As you might know, the company Atari slowly vanished throughout the nineties. They announced great computers at the beginning of the nineties, but did not satisfy the demand (TT, Falcon). They developped the first 64-bit game console (No! The N64 was not the first! Nintendo came years later) in the middle of the nineties, but made no promotion for it (Jaguar). Then they slowly withdrew from their various offices in Europe and finally one sole man auctioned the remains in the last warehouse in Holland. When he had done his job, he closed the doors and in doing so, he shut down Atari Europe. Back in America, Atari corp. increased their deficit year by year, but they had great reserves. In 1996, Atari corp. more or less bought a company that had financial problems and was into hard drive business. But somewhat unusual, the new company did not take over the name of the bigger of the partners Atari, but took over the name of the smaller of the two: With this move, the company Atari stopped existing after 25 troublesome years. In 1998, the toy company Hasbro, bought the brand name Atari with all its patents, related brand names and rights for a mere $5.000.000. Incredible small sum of money if you imagine the history of Atari. Since then, Hasbro rereleased overhauled versions of classic games like Frogger for PC and Playstation. On December, 7th of the year 2000, Infogrames Entertainment bought Hasbro and with it, the old Atari rights. As Infogrames is French, Atari is in European hands.

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